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Fuad September 28th

Bad and Goofy – A Day in Grand Popo

Need tips on how to shoot a video in Grand Popo, Benin Republic (or well, any other exotic beach)? Take our crash course by watching this groovie AF video shot in L’Auberge de Grand Popo a hotel that was built in 1917. Also find bonus tips on the super important things to do when you […]
Toketemu September 27th

Ganvie – “The Biggest Lake City In Africa”

The Jollof Road team made a stop at Ganvié, Benin Republic to soak something new in, explore and gather what life’s like there. We found people and stories strangely familiar, but with their own elements. A 4-minute video is hardly enough to tell these stories, just as our short stay there is hardly enough to […]
Fuad September 26th

I’m Scared Of Snakes, But Guess Who Carried A Python Anyway?

Chill, I’ll get to the python part.  I need to tell you about how the morning went. It starts at the Diaspora Hotel where complimentary breakfast is two mini french loaves and a cup of coffee. “This food won’t cut it.” Kayode’s the first to say it and everyone agrees. But life must go on. […]
Toketemu September 25th

How Similar Are Nigeria And Benin Republic

After a few days, the Jollof team has concluded that Benin Republic and Nigeria are way too similar. Mention any local dish from pounded yam to fisherman pepper soup and they definitely have an equivalent. In this video find out what else these two countries share.
Fuad September 24th

This Is What A Day In Cotonou Feels Like

There are 72,000 Kekeno in Cotonou. Everywhere you turn there’s Kekeno wearing a yellow vest and a helmet – always a helmet – ready to take you anywhere for at least 100 CFA. Our first stop for the day is Dantokpa, the biggest open-air market in West Africa, and what in particular were we looking […]

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