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Sierra Leone
Fuad October 28th

Why A Local Plug Is Super Important While Traveling

Every place, town or city, has many faces. For Toke, one face for Lagos is Afrika Shrine and a nice restaurant. Kayode is an Afrika Shrine guy too, but replace the nice restaurant with a night of shots and loud music in clubs. Tosin and Kayode share similar interests, but throw in Amala at Iya […]
Toketemu October 27th

Second Time’s The Charm For Salone Jollof

Fact: Salone is the common nickname and derivation of Sierra Leone. It is a word synonymous with national identity for Sierra Leoneans. Ever since we got into Sierra Leone, we’ve had very high expectations for Sierra Leonean Jollof. Especially after this declaration of war video. Surprisingly, it was a little hard to find this Jollof. […]
Toketemu October 23rd

The Road To Sierra Leone Is Mostly Dirt Road

Over the past 32 days on the road, we’ve been extorted, delayed at borders, gotten shitty treatment at hotels, and yet nothing has angered me more on this trip than the state of the highways (if one can even call them that) since we left Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire. Getting into Liberia was a nightmare. And […]

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